About Me

Thank you so much for your interest in my work and I hope you have enjoyed watching the reel. After fifteen years of experience producing, directing and editing hundreds of projects in MOSH FILM, my life begins a new phase: the USA.  

I am ready to see what new film adventures await... and maybe it is with you! 

Please read below for a detailed look at my experience, services, and styles.

I began my career in 2001 with my own TV program on Channel 12 in El Salvador called "MOSH."  This is where I was obligated to learn camera, production, direction, writing, editing and being the Star in front of the camera.  ;) The latter was natural.  haha 

From there, I had the opportunity to work with a few different production companies as a freelance editor and cameraman, opening avenues to new contacts, clients and learning opportunities.  In February 2008, I had the opportunity to start my own film studio, and since that date, the privilege to work with more than 25 important Salvadorean brands, producing TV commercials, corporate videos and documentaries.  I am very proud to say that these clients express gratitude and satisfaction with our work.

To this day, 15 years later, I can offer my professional experience as Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor and photographer; whether it be part of a crew.  "I like to direct, but love the camera.  I can edit yet enjoy production". Basically, I am your man for executing a visual media project from beginning to end.  

In addition to videography, the last 3 years I have dedicated a large part of my time to Photography.  Starting with Commercial, corporate and product shots. 



Continuous Lighting and Grip 

General Film Tools


Nikon FX DSLR 


Studio Lighting


Final Cut PRO

After Effects 



Wow!  7 years with my own business! producing and directing TV commercials, and in every production I learn something new!  It is always a fun challenge to convert the creatives' imagination into a visual reality.  

What I love about commercials is that there are no limits to the creativity, even though commercials are the most stressful production because they require perfection: an exact coordination with time table, props, location, weeks of scouting and castings, a large crew production and trucks of equipment, and more than anything, flawless client attention and the project finished beautifully by the deadline....there is much at stake.   A lot of work for only 30 long seconds.....and I love it!

Corporate Video

Corporate Videos are the best!   I love that this job allows me to have access to a           company's heart. 

In these videos, we get to know the entrepreneurs, the managers, the workers...we get to get a backstage pass to see how it all is done and make friends in the process.  

In addition to the great honor of the clients' trust by giving me all access to their information and restricted areas, I love being able to give a more thorough presentation by playing a bit more with imagery and having the time to deliver artistic shots.  

So, I get to travel, learn about a great business, meet great new people, have creative freedom ... ummm,  Yes please!  


This makes me feel alive.  Personally, I feel pleased and honored to be in this type of production because it permits me to see and live so many different realities that others live.  I have cried as I film tears, and I have shared laughter as well.  We have travelled to places so remote that food is un-findable...there have been complete days without eating!  And impressively, not one person from our crew has ever complained. 

Accompanied by a great story teller, we can and have made some beautiful documentaries.....and of course, I am always ready to fly wherever you need me.  ;)  


I began editing my own TV show with the wonderful MEDIA100, back in 2001.  At the same time, I created my first animations with Boris.

Then I switched to Avid and After effects in 2003.  I learned Final Cut in 2006 and it is what I use to date.  

In 2015, I am enchanted by Adobe Premiere. I love the layout, since it combines good characteristics.  It is complete and I am currently in the process of learning this beautiful software.

I also use Photoshop a lot, which helps me a bit with video, but mainly of course, photography.


My interest for photography awakened in 2008.  A few years I just saw it as a hobby and took pictures all the time, and each day my interest grew.

In November 2014, my wife and I were looking to diversify a bit, and we saw photography as a good additional business, since we love photos' ability to capture and re-live life's moments....and we had the studio.

My style is minimalist, clear and defined images, natural and soft colors, seeking to capture the reality that my eyes see, with some correction without compromising the miracle of capturing a palpable memory closest to truth as possible. 

To me, the beauty of a photo is the one that reflects a time, a life, a place, like "aquellos diciembres que nunca volverán".

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